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Grand floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate this gorgeous suite that bears the proud passage of time in its historical brick wall from 1510 and herringbone wooden floors. A stunning minimalist chandelier and the freestanding oval bathtub in the room are just some of the surprising yet wholly inspired touches in the room. The marble bathroom features an extra-large washbasin and rain shower with brass fittings.

Main features
54 square metres
Views of Vilnius Old Town
Bedroom with king-size bed
Sitting area
Freestanding suite bathtub
Historical authentic frescoes
Palatial bathroom with shower
Wi-Fi, TV, safe
A finely curated minibar & 24 hours room service
Services included with the suite
Welcome champagne
Nespresso coffee maker & tea setup
Access to gym & sauna
Access to "VARTAI" gallery
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