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MUROS - is Vilnius’s answer to the world food scene. A new sharing-plate and steak restaurant delivers ultimate dinning experience inspired by the best steakhouses from New York to Madrid. MUROS highlights flavor and service.

A new dining spot in Vilnius old town and the first one in the Baltics represents a Montague Broiler, that enables us to prepare the finest cuts in 1000 celcium heat and elevates the flavors to another dimension. Each and every of 250 different labels of wine tells an unforgettable stories about traditions, craft and knowledge. 

MUROS provides elegant and attentive service influenced by European fine dinning but with ease and comfort of American style. 

Finest ingredients, developed cooking techniques, passion for hospitality converge to our definition of “Good Life.”




Lunch menu (I-V 12:00 - 15:00 )

(A la Carte menu I-V  Working hours: 17:00 - 23:00 )

(A la Carte menu VI-VII  Working hours: 14:00 -23:00 )

Restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania | Hotel PACAI

Restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania | Hotel PACAI

Restaurant MUROS at Hotel PACAI, a member of Design Hotels. Our 5-star hotel is ideally located in Vilnius Old Town.

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